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Apartments, Houses and Condos for Rent in Bangkok

Bangkok Apartment Rent Special Offers

To rent an apartment in Bangkok can be a complex undertaking. CBRE provides expert advice on the process of finding the right apartment; apartment rentals and agreeing to fair rental contracts. CBRE has long been the number one choice among multinational corporations seeking to rent Bangkok apartments, condos and houses for their staff. We are very familiar with the needs and expectations of expatriate families looking to rent a new home.

To help you get started with finding your ideal home, CBRE has prepared a "Guide to Renting a Bangkok Apartment" for people looking to rent a house in Bangkok. To give you an idea of the properties available, take a look at our latest Bangkok Apartment rental listing.

Rent a Property in Bangkok

We specialize in high quality Bangkok apartments for rent with good facilities, detached houses for those who need outdoor space or a garden of their own, townhouses in gated communities and serviced apartments. Typical types of properties for rent in Bangkok are:

1. Apartments for Rent in Bangkok

An apartment in Bangkok is usually defined as a mid or high-rise building owned by a single landlord. Apartment rentals are normally furnished with major appliances, and most have common facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and car parking. The owner looks after the management and maintenance of the whole apartment building, including the interiors of the individual flats.

Capital Residence

S59 Executive Apartment

The Philo Residence

Classification of Apartments

Grade A: Apartment projects in the most favourable locations such as an apartment for rent in Sukhumvit offer high quality features and facilities such as fully-equipped kitchens, laundry service, high specification finishes and modern bathrooms. Furthermore, it must have a fitness centre, garden and swimming pool. Grade A apartments have stylish design, classy decoration and are well-maintained. Grade A apartments also provide a high level of security and adequate car parking.

Grade B: Apartments for rent in Bangkok in less favourable locations tend to be older than Grade A apartments. However, Grade B apartments provide good-to-moderate services, design, decoration, maintenance, facilities and security.

2. Serviced Apartment for Rent in Bangkok

A serviced apartment for rent in Bangkok is rented fully furnished and equipped, including linen, cutlery and crockery. A daily maid service is also provided. Most serviced apartments in Bangkok have swimming pools, gyms, a coffee shop or restaurant, as well as telephone lines and internet access. They offer a similar level of service to hotels and can be rented on a daily or monthly basis. A serviced apartment is ideal for people needing to rent in Bangkok on a short stay basis and also expats who have just relocated to Bangkok.

Oriental Residence Bangkok

Grande Centre Point Hotel

Shama Lakeview Asoke Bangkok

Classification of Serviced Apartments

Grade A: Serviced apartments are defined as projects located on main roads or in the Sois between main roads in the Central Business District (CBD) with easy accessibility and providing a secure environment to ensure the privacy of the residents. The buildings are well-designed and decorated and have functional room layouts. These serviced apartments are either managed by top brands of international operator groups or well-known local operators. They provide premium services and facilities comparable to first-class hotels, such as a business centre, limousine service and adequate parking. 

Grade B: Serviced apartments are classified as projects located in the Sois between main roads in the CBD, with easy to moderate accessibility and providing a moderate level of security. The buildings have moderate to good designs, decoration, and functional room layouts. These serviced apartments are either managed by lower-end international operator brands or local operators. Adequate car parking and standard facilities including a swimming pool and fitness centre are a must.

3. Condos for Rent in Bangkok

A Bangkok condo or condominium – also known as an apartment or flat in other countries - is a building where individuals own the residential units and where common areas and facilities are jointly owned by all the co-owners. Units are normally furnished and facilities are similar to apartments. The main difference between a condo and an apartment is the ownership structure and the property management. In a condominium, the building management maintains the common areas of the property and the individual owners are responsible for their units. (View Bangkok condo for rent listings)

The Met

Amanta Lumpini


Classification of Condominiums

  • Super Luxury: Above THB 300,000 per square metre (with starting unit price of above THB 20 million)
  • Luxury: THB 200,000 - THB 299,999 per square metre (with starting unit price of above THB 10 million)
  • High End: THB 120,000 - THB 199,999 per square metre (with starting unit price of above THB 5 million)
  • Upscale: THB 90,000 - THB 119,999 per square metre
  • Mid-range: THB 70,000 - THB 89,999 per square metre
  • Entry-level: Below THB 69,999 per square metre

4. Townhouses and Houses for Rent in Bangkok

A house for rent in Bangkok can be located in a gated real estate development or be a stand-alone property. Almost all houses for rent in Bangkok belong to individual owners who are responsible for the maintenance. Some gated communities offer a clubhouse, swimming pool, playground and gym. There are also townhouses which are multi-level and terraced. They may have a small rear garden which is not particularly private. In Bangkok, there are some gated townhouse developments which provide facilities such as a pool for residents. Maintenance services in a townhouse for rent in Bangkok may not be as good as a well-managed rented apartment, especially for stand-alone properties. (View Bangkok house for rent listings)

Sukhumvit 36 Garden Village

Single House with Private Pool

The Willow 49

Classification of Houses / Townhouses

  • Super Luxury: Above THB 20 million
  • Luxury: THB 10.01 - 20 million
  • High end: THB 5.01 - THB 10 million
  • Mid-range: THB 3 - 5 million
  • Entry level: Below THB 3 million

Bangkok Apartment Rental Locations

There are 6 main residential rental areas in Bangkok:

Bangkok Apartment Rental Areas: Definition


The area incorporating Sukhumvit Road from Soi 1-65 and Soi 2-44, as well as other Sois in between.

Central Lumpini

The area incorporating Wireless, Ploenchit, Rajadamri, Chidlom, Langsuan, Sarasin and Ruamrudee Roads, and other Sois in between.

Silom / Sathon

The area incorporating Silom, Sathon, Surawong, and Narathiwas-Ratchanakarin (north of Chan Road) Roads, as well as the Sois in between.

Riverside /
Rama III

The area incorporating Charoenkrung, Charoennakorn, Rama III, and Narathiwas-Ratchanakarin (south of Chan Road) Roads, as well as the interlinking Sois.

1. Apartment for Rent in Sukhumvit Area

Sukhumvit Road between Sois 1-63 remains the most popular area for expatriates to live. Most people who rent here tend to rent a Bangkok apartment (single-ownership) or a Bangkok condo (multi-ownership). There are some detached houses in Bangkok for rent in this area.  Some of them have gardens and/or swimming pools.

There are also a limited number of townhouses situated in secure compounds with/without facilities.

Avora 31

Mayfair Garden


2. Central Lumpini Apartment Rental

Lumpini is in the Central Business District (CBD), and offers a range of modern buildings with both apartments and condos for rent.

Apartment and condo unit sizes tend to be smaller than in Sukhumvit as well as more expensive. The area also has few single homes or townhouse developments especially with facilities.

Fraser Place Urbana Langsuan

Rongratana Executive Residence

Marriott Excutive Apartment

3. Sathon / Silom Apartment Rental

The Sathon/ Silom area close to the CBD is popular and again the majority of people rent a Bangkok apartment or condo although there are some homes situated off Sathon.

Baan Thirapa

Sathorn Seven Residence

Marriott Executive Apartment Sathon

4. Riverside / Rama III Apartment Rental

Riverside / Rama 3 area incorporates Charoenkrung, Charoennakorn, Rama 3 and Narathiwas-Ratchanakarin Road on the both sides of the Chaophraya River. The main attraction is waterfront living and river views.

The Bangkok side of the Chaophraya River has a limited number of apartments/condos for rent. The Thonburi side of the river is less attractive because of the limited number of bridges consequently restricting access to the CBD, although some of the condo buildings provide a free boat service.

The River

Supakarn Condominium

Saichol Mansion

5. East Bangkok

East Bangkok is a major suburban housing location. Popular among parents who want access to the Bangkok Patana School which has a British curriculum and is consequently a favourite among ex-pat apartment renters.

There are also a limited number of housing estates, again all popular among expatriates, with some offering single Bangkok houses for rent with clubhouses and swimming pools.

Narasiri Pattanakarn

Single House

Single House

6. North Bangkok

North Bangkok is particularly attractive to American expatriates due to the location of the International School of Bangkok (I.S.B.) which offers an American curriculum.

The most popular property development is Nichada Thani, which is a secure housing estate where I.S.B. is located and where there is a mix of single Bangkok houses for rent, condominiums and townhouses. The site includes a clubhouse offering a wide range of sporting facilities.

Single homes at Nichada Thani are some of the most expensive houses to rent in Bangkok. Just outside the compound there are several apartment buildings and townhouse developments with facilities.

Shopping and entertainment facilities are more limited than in the central areas and commuting to downtown Bangkok can be time consuming. (Rent a Bangkok Apartment - Detailed Location Information)

Natakorn Park in Nichada Thani

Palm Tree in Nichada Thani

Mansions in the Park


Bangkok Apartment Rental Research


As of Q2 2021, there were a total of 139,756 expatriates across Thailand, a decrease of 1.5% Q-o-Q and 10.1% Y-o-Y, including Bureau of Immigration (BoI) work permit holders, due to limited new incoming expatriates and some expatriates are being relocated back to their home countries. Of this number, 79,616 expatriates were in Bangkok, a decrease of 0.8% Q-o-Q and 8.0% Y-o-Y.

Japanese nationals remained the largest expatriate nationality in Thailand making up 18% of all expatriates, decreasing 0.5% Q-o-Q and 6.0% Y-o-Y to 27,849 in Q2 2021 from 27,982 in Q1 2021. The top three industries employing Japanese expats continued to be (1) Manufacturing, (2) Export/Retail/Automotive and (3) Real Estate Services & Leasing employing 49%, 14% and 14%, respectively, of Japanese expats in Thailand.

The average occupancy rate for Bangkok apartments across all areas and grades in Q2 2021 was 86.7%, a decrease of 0.8 percentage points Q-o-Q and 1.1 percentage point Y-o-Y. Occupancy decreases were seen in comparisons for Central Lumpini/Siam where occupancy decreased by 1.4% Y-o-Y due to more expatriates moving out of apartments than are moving in.

Six projects comprising 114 units were under construction, all in the Sukhumvit area, with completion dates ranging between Q3 2021 and Q4 2022 while 38 units were removed from Garden View Mansion in Central Lumpini/Siam which has ceased operation.

CBRE Research calculates rents for apartments based on a “basket” of buildings relevant to CBRE’s target market. In Q2 2021, the average asking rent for Grade A apartments in downtown Bangkok was THB 453 per square metre per month, a decrease of 0.2% Q-o-Q and 7.0% Y-o-Y. Meanwhile, the average monthly asking rent for Grade B apartments in downtown Bangkok was THB 398 per square metre per month, a decrease of 0.5% Q-o-Q and 6.6% Y-o-Y.

COVID Impact

COVID-19 prompted travel restrictions and rent reductions in some projects; these, together with the increased supply, have all brought about more aggressive marketing strategies in apartment projects, with commission incentives increasing to up to 2 months’ rent to incentivize agents in some cases as well as expansion of agency contracts and continuation of discounted rents.

These measures are all a bid to appeal to expatriates already in-country (majority of clients) as well as the limited number of new arrivals. However, the general sentiment is that while occupancy, rental rates and expatriate numbers continue to drop, they are doing so at slower rates than have been seen since Q1 2021.

Detailed information on Bangkok Apartment Rent Research

Typical Terms to Rent a Bangkok Apartment

Each country has slightly different practices for apartment rental agreements and Thailand is no exception.

Types of Rental Lease Agreements 

There are a wide variety of rental agreements used in Bangkok. Most lease agreements are short and in English and it is not usual for either the landlord or the tenant to use a lawyer.

Each lease is usually segmented into three separate rental agreements:

  • Apartment, Condo, House - Space rental
  • Furniture rental
  • Management / services

The agreement separation is in an effort to reduce the landlord’s liability to local property tax.

CBRE has been servicing the expat Bangkok apartment for rent market for over 35 years and consequently we understand the common problems and misunderstandings that can occur. Therefore, we have developed a standard lease set which is drafted to reflect all the vagaries of renting a property in Bangkok, and which clearly sets out each party’s obligations.

Rental Taxes

For residential property rentals in Thailand, different taxes are paid depending on whether the lease agreement is made with an individual tenant or a company.

Lease Type

Withholding Tax

**plus VAT if the landlord is company

 1. Individual



- Lease for space



 - Lease for furniture



- Service Agreement



2. Company



- Lease for space



- Lease for furniture



- Service Agreement



Detailed information on typical Bangkok Apartment rental terms & conditions

Bangkok Rental Guide

As part of our service, we try to provide you with as much information as possible on not only the Bangkok apartment rentals available, but also facilities in the local area. The Australian/New Zealand Women’s Group’s Bangkok Guide is probably the most comprehensive guide to life in the city. For more information on Bangkok Apartment Renting Website.

We also have further information available for people renting a Bangkok apartment or finding a Bangkok apartment

The list includes: Bangkok Schools and Hospitals as well as information on

  • Water, Electricity, Gas Supply
  • Pest Control
  • Security
  • Furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • Air-conditioning etc.

Read further information on how to rent a Bangkok Apartment or Bangkok Apartment rental listing.

Bangkok Travel & Commuting

BTS (Bangkok Transit System)

BTS or sky train is a critical transport system in Bangkok, covering much of the city centre and its many commercial, residential and tourist areas.

MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

MRT is Bangkok’s first subway or underground system and currently has one line, although various others are being planned.

ARL (Airport Rail Link)

ARL is a rapid transit line that connects Suvarnabhumi International Airport to central Bangkok. The ARL transport system is divided into two lines, a city line and express line. The city line train is about a 30-minute journey; whereas, the express line takes about 15 minutes.  

BRT (Bus Rapid Transit)

Bangkok’s first BRT line is now in service. The buses start from a new sky train interchange at the Chong Nonsi BTS station and end at the Ratchadapisek-Ratchapreuk Intersection in Thonburi. The buses mainly travel along exclusive lanes; however, the buses share lanes with other vehicles on some parts of the route but have priority at traffic lights.


For drivers, a comprehensive network of expressways cross Bangkok.


Bangkok has a comprehensive bus network, consisting of publicly run and private buses, both air-conditioned and non-air-con. The quality of buses is variable so choose the orange air-conditioned Euro buses are the best in terms of comfort and safety.

Taxis/Tuk Tuks

Bangkok’s taxis and Tuk Tuks are plentiful and relatively cheap. Taxis tend to have meters with the Tuk Tuks being a negotiation each trip.

Detailed Bangkok Travel Information

Renting in Bangkok: Case Studies

CBRE are specialists in assisting expatriates rent Bangkok apartments – see below for a few of our Bangkok apartments for rent case studies.

Bangkok Apartment Rental Case Studies

Theerathorn Prapunpong
Head of Residential Leasing
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