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Rent Stunning Houses, Townhouses and Villas with CBRE

Looking for a house, townhouse or villa for rent in Bangkok or Phuket? Look no further! The expert real estate agents at CBRE Thailand have a wealth of knowledge and up-to-date information to help you find the perfect rental that matches your family’s needs.

Our real estate agents can supply you with all the information you need to choose the perfect home in the ideal location for your family’s lifestyle. If you need to know the international schools in a favored area, we can supply a list with their academic ratings. We can also point out areas that offer the best variety of shopping, the shortest commutes to your workplace and the nicest parks.

We make it our business to know everything a client needs before committing to a home in a certain area. We can answer questions about the many neighborhoods in Bangkok and which towns have the best beaches in Phuket.

Whether you’re considering renting a house in Bangkok or a villa just outside Phuket Town, the home you choose will define your lifestyle, so we want you to make the right choice.

A Wide Variety of Options

There are many houses, townhouses and villas for rent in the vibrant areas of Bangkok and Phuket. From spacious family homes to cozy bungalows, there is something for everyone in the colorful neighborhoods of Bangkok and the towns and new developments in Phuket. Enjoy the convenience of modern amenities and the comfort of a private space to call your own. With a range of sizes and locations in the online listings of CBRE Thailand, finding that perfect space to rent in a prime location that complements your lifestyle is just a click away.

Consider a Townhouse

Townhouses in compounds with shared facilities are another popular choice in Bangkok and Phuket. These multi-level properties offer a unique living experience with their stylish designs and convenient locations, making them perfect for those who crave a modern, private lifestyle. A townhouse for rent may just be your ticket to serenity. They also typically provide ample off-street parking areas, and many can be adapted for use as both living and commercial spaces.

Rent an Exclusive Villa

If you crave a little more luxury in your life, an exclusive villa for rent in Bangkok or Phuket is the ultimate solution. These stunning properties offer an unmatched sense of exclusivity and privacy. With spacious interiors, private pools, lush gardens and breathtaking views, these villas are ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life in Bangkok and Phuket. Many luxury villas are also located in gated communities, providing your family with an extra sense of safety and security.

Let CBRE Guide You to the Perfect Home

No matter what type of rental property you choose, be it a house, townhouse or villa for rent, we are ready to help provide answers about life in every area of Bangkok and Phuket to ensure a smooth, rewarding and stress-free rental experience. Let our expert property agents guide you to your new home.

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