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Rent or Lease Land

With its growing economy, Thailand is an attractive option for those seeking land for rent or lease. If you are an investor, developer or occupier, finding the right piece of land is essential to any project’s success. A wide range of land for rent or lease is currently available, especially in locations around Bangkok. CBRE has the expertise to help you explore and consider all the factors required when looking for land to rent or lease.

Rent or Lease in Bangkok

The area surrounding Bangkok, with its well-developed infrastructure, is particularly attractive for renting or leasing land. The Laem Chabang shipping port sits within an hour’s drive of the area, and both Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi airports are nearby. This strategic position provides a cost-effective solution for manufacturing businesses by reducing shipping costs.

Long-term Leasing

Leasing for a long-term investment typically involves a lease agreement of 30 years but can be shorter. Several flexible options are available to suit a variety of needs. Renting or leasing land in Bangkok can help avoid the high costs associated with purchasing land outright, making it a more affordable option. The leaseholder can take advantage of the area’s superior infrastructure and shipping capabilities while keeping their investment costs relatively low. With the surrounding area also home to many of the city’s housing developments, labor and transportation costs remain manageable.

As Thailand’s economic hub, Bangkok offers prime locations for businesses to rent or lease land, which can be used for many types of commercial ventures such as data centers, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, etc. Bangkok’s suburban areas and surrounding provinces are also excellent alternatives for those who require easy access to the city center. The lease and rental options for land in the unincorporated areas of outer Bangkok are extensive.

Explore the Residential and Hospitality Sector

In the residential and hospitality sector, destinations like Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi and Samui can offer attractive opportunities. Known for stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife and a thriving tourism industry, land for lease or rent in these tourist hotspots can be a lucrative investment. The Thai government has prioritized the protection of tourism value in these locations. Consequently, renting or leasing land in these areas for hospitality and tourism ventures can lead to enhanced investment safety and potentially higher financial returns.

With Thailand’s government offering tourism incentives and the industry rebounding after the pandemic, these areas are becoming well-known and drawing more attention from international tourists worldwide.

Chonburi and Rayong are locations worth consideration also. These provinces are known for their industrial estates and manufacturing facilities, which may be attractive to those looking to set up logistics, manufacturing or warehouse operations. With major shipping ports less than an hour away, and convenient air shipping from U-Tapao International Airport just minutes away, these areas are garnering considerable attention from investors.

Additionally, Chonburi and Rayong present attractive options in hospitality and entertainment. With stunning beaches, golf courses, and family tourist attractions stretching along the seaboard from North Pattaya to Rayong, there is ample land available for rent or lease to investors in Thailand’s tourism industry.

Partner with CBRE

Our reputable agents maintain up-to-date industry information and specialize in land transactions, ensuring clients can navigate local laws and regulations on land agreements. Protect your interests and work with CBRE Thailand on your next land rental or lease transaction.

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