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Rent or Lease Retail in Petrol Station

Are you looking to start or expand your retail business in Thailand? If that's true, consider renting retail space in gas stations. Retail space in gas stations offer a variety of vacant stalls, kiosks and other spaces that have many advantages, including extended operating hours, easy shopping access, plenty of parking, low rental rates, high foot traffic and inexpensive overhead costs. A wide range of retail business types have the opportunity for successful operations with potentially up to 24-hours a day constant flow of consumers. CBRE is an expert in the retail in gas stations rental market and can use our in-depth knowledge of the industry to find the best match for any retail business needs.

In Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and other cities around Thailand, retail space in gas stations has evolved over the years into being a one-stop-shop for convenience items (e.g., snacks, drinks, etc.), restaurants, retail shopping, laundry and car washing services, making them an ideal location for your retail business plans. These spaces can improve your success by taking advantage of those increased operating hours and high foot traffic.

When considering retail in gas stations for rent, it's important to choose a location that compliments your business and caters to the needs of the customers. Whether you need a large retail shop or just a small space, we have several location options throughout Bangkok, Ayutthaya, and other cities, ensuring that your business aligns with your target customer group.

Renting retail space in gas stations can be a smart business move. By capitalizing on the high foot traffic, extended operating hours and low overhead costs, you can increase your chances of success and grow your business in the bustling cities of Bangkok, Ayutthaya and beyond. Let us help you find your retail space for rent in gas stations today.

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