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3 Reasons to Invest in a Condo for Sale in Sukhumvit

August 21, 2023
The Sukhumvit area is well known as one of the best locations in Bangkok. Find out the top 3 reasons condos for sale in Sukhumvit are proving to be an attractive choice for both potential residents and investors.
Image | CBRE

Why Condos for Sale in Sukhumvit are Attracting Investors

Sukhumvit - The Best Location for Residents and Investors

Nowadays, property is an attractive choice for investors, especially in Bangkok where infrastructure network has been widely developed to serve its residents in various areas including Sukhumvit. The Sukhumvit area is well known as one of the best locations in the heart of the city. It is one of Bangkok’s business centres and offers a wide range of condominiums at different price points. Sukhumvit covers a vast area, with a variety of convenient transportation options including the BTS and MRT with many stations in the area. Therefore, in this area, buyers and tenants can choose their ideal accommodation that suits their lifestyle, transportation preferences and budget requirements. This is the reason why many people have already purchased a condo for sale in Sukhumvit.

Let’s discover what makes the Sukhumvit area an attractive choice for residents and investors who want to profit from increasing property values and rental fees.

3 Reasons to Invest in a Condo for Sale in Sukhumvit

1. The Perfect Location. Everything You Want In One Place.

Sukhumvit is well known for its convenience. It is home to leading shopping malls such as EmQuartier, Emporium and Gateway Ekamai. It is also surrounded by public amenities, office buildings, embassies, schools, hospitals and public parks, as well as a good number of famous restaurants, tourist attractions and popular entertainment venues. Residing in or investing in a condo for sale in Sukhumvit, therefore, easily lets you meet all the demands of your daily life as well as study, work, or relax in the top-tier facilities in the area.

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Transportation in the Sukhumvit area is well-developed. Residents can easily commute by car or bus as there are main roads and highways connecting the city centre to other business districts, not to mention the side-streets (sois) connecting Sukhumvit Road to other main roads, such as Phetchaburi Road and Rama IV Road. Of course, the BTS and MRT also offer convenient transportation. It is not an exaggeration to say that Sukhumvit is one of the most important business districts in Bangkok, thanks to its connections to other important parts of the city, and the growing number of businesses along this major road. Given these elements, the demand in this area is high, among both Thais and foreigners, especially Japanese tenants.

2. A Wide Range of Prices and Investment Opportunities

Condominiums in Sukhumvit come in various sizes and prices, and can therefore meet the different needs of residents and investors. There are many low-rise condominium buildings located just a short distance from skytrain or underground stations. This makes condos for sale in Sukhumvit different from other areas of the city. Another advantage of these buildings is that they contain fewer and larger units. The price is also often more affordable for those just entering the working world. You will also find high-rise condominiums in Sukhumvit which are mostly located near or directly in front of the skytrain or underground stations that are suitable for investors to live in themselves or rent out. Condominiums in this area range from studio to 1- to 3-bedroom condos and large penthouses.

The condos for sale in the Sukhumvit area range from the middle to the top-end classes including luxury and super luxury condominiums which are remarkable in terms of luxury and decorations. Some projects even offer special services as a hotel would. The wide range of project designs, unit sizes, price points and mass transit stations are advantages that make buying a condo in Sukhumvit a potentially profitable investment that offers an attractive return.

3. Profit from the Rental of a Condo for Sale in Sukhumvit

Having strong transportation links, plenty of good facilities, and important places and venues nearby make this area desirable for both students and employees whether Thais or foreigners who are looking for easily accessible accommodation. Therefore, investing in a condo for sale in Sukhumvit can be a good chance to earn an attractive return from rentals.

CBRE has discovered that condominiums around Sukhumvit 101-103, which are located near the Udomsuk BTS station, are often chosen by students and office workers because the rentals are not as high as those in the city centre, while still being well-connected by mass transit routes.  There are many locations in Sukhumvit that are preferred by foreigners. They usually reside in these communities. For instance, many Japanese and Korean expatriates live around Sukhumvit 12 up to Soi Thonglor (Sukhumvit 55), while Indians usually prefer Sukhumvit 3 to Sukhumvit 23. If you are planning to invest in a property, the condos for sale in Sukhumvit could be a good way for you to tap this rental demand.

Sukhumvit is an area with high potential for consistent growth and improvement. This business district is still expanding, both on the business side and as a prime residential area of Bangkok. The aforementioned factors are promising for generating returns for a long-term investment. Thereore, there is no doubt why investing in a condo for sale in Sukhumvit has been popular and could be deemed as buying your very own golden goose.

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