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5 Factors to Consider When Buying Phuket Villas and Condominiums

February 16, 2022
With as many Phuket condos for sale as there are Phuket villas for sale, it is vital that you first consider these essential factors recommended by CBRE before buying Phuket villas or Phuket condos.
Image | CBRE

5 Factors to Consider When Buying Phuket Villas and Condominiums

Phuket is the ultimate Southeast Asian paradise for millions of people across the world - a destination that promises travelers as well as new and longtime residents a tranquil and memorable stay. If your goal is to be part of its vibrant residential community, then you are in luck because there are so many property options. With as many Phuket condos for sale as there are Phuket villas for sale, your choices are endless. Yet, it is vital that you first consider these essential factors recommended by CBRE resort home experts before moving on to the next step of your brilliant plan.

1. Budget: How Much Do You Want to Spend Buying Phuket Villa or Condo?

This is a crucial factor to determine exactly how many bedrooms, bathrooms, floors, swimming pools and other exquisite features and facilities you will actually use at your dream island property or holiday home. This can be calculated by considering the maximum number of family members that are likely to join you at a property at any given time, and whether there are suitable layout options for senior family members. If you have a large family and a deep pocket, then choose the best property that will delight most, if not all, the members of your household.

2. Purpose: Are You an Investor?

Needless to say, an investor’s purpose for purchasing properties in paradise destinations like Phuket is different from that of an owner-occupier. The most important for the former being the property’s ability to generate revenue back to its owner. This is where a professional real estate agent in Phuket can be appointed to advise you on each step of the leasing process and provide practical consultancy on the property’s short- and long-term asset management plan.

3. Property Type: Villa for Sale or Condominium for Sale

The Phuket property market holds an abundance of hidden gems. You can choose from a wide variety of products to suit every preference, from newly launched projects, luxury villas, secondhand villas, land plots to branded projects in development.

Most properties in Phuket are sold off-plan or in a partly-built state. To secure these new projects, a reservation fee is required before contract signing, while the rest of the payment is usually split according to construction stages. To have a better understanding on the purchasing process, you can read the Phuket villa purchase guidelines and the Phuket condominium purchase guidelines.

Whether you are looking for Phuket condos for sale or Phuket villas for sale, most developers arrange a model unit for viewing to give you an idea on the quality, materials and furnishings of the unit.

Second-hand and resale residential units are also available for buyers who prefer not to wait for projects to be completed. The buyers can choose from the available products in the market and can renovate the property to fit their personal taste and style.

4. Maintenance: No Time? Property Management is Here!

Property Management is one of the overlooked factors when buyers consider a property purchase. However, it plays a huge role in the post-buying process as many large houses, villas or condominium projects require good upkeeping and professional maintenance for smooth operation and property value appreciation over time. This also includes assembling a property management team to oversee all aspects of the hygiene and wellbeing of the rooms and common areas of the property as well.

Other services include 24-hour on-site security, management office and staffing as well as ancillary costs, accounting and insurance, refuse collection and pest control.

Find out more information on Phuket Property Management Services by CBRE.

5. Your Location Shows Your Lifestyle

Deciding how you want to spend your time and what your daily and weekly routines/activities should look like can help narrow down where you want to settle. If you are a social butterfly and prefer the beauty and convenience of city life, it is better to set your options on Phuket condos for sale, where you can leave your cozy lodging, hop straight into a taxi and enjoy a nice spa day, a shopping spree at a local department store or indulge in a fine-dining feast.

However, if you are a home body and prefer a serene setting, then you should choose Phuket villas for sale close to golf courses and quiet beaches, where you can relax on your very own sun lounger or private terrace amid nature. If you are planning to relocate your family to Phuket, a property close to international schools, hospitals and main roads are also a preferable option.

Phuket has been voted as one of the best places to retire, with its tropical weather and sun-drenched beaches surrounded by proper nature. As a medium-sized island with well-developed infrastructure, travelling around town is not as time-consuming as in other populated cities, so while the rulebook says location is the factor that turns any good property into a great one, it may not be ranked in the top 3 factors when it comes to the unique properties offered on this paradise island.

Interested to find out more about Phuket property? Chat with our professional Real Estate Agents in Phuket.

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