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Buying a House for Sale in Bangkok

August 28, 2023
For those looking to buy a house, CBRE has outlined the pros and cons of buying a house for sale in Bangkok for consideration as you look for your home.
Image | CBRE

Pros and Cons of Buying a House for Sale in Bangkok

For those looking for a house for sale in Bangkok, we have outlined the pros and cons of a Bangkok house for sale to give you a few pointers as you look for your next Bangkok home.

Due to the scarcity of land for sale in prime locations of Bangkok, developers find it challenging to seek new spaces to build homes. When they do find a suitable land plot, the price of land is so high that they must build luxury houses to make it financially feasible. Therefore, there are a limited number of individual houses for sale in a compound in the CBD, Sukhumvit, Silom or Sathon Road areas. Most of the developments in prime locations are townhouses or 3- to 4-storey houses built in order to maximise the usable area as the spaces are limited. (View Housing Project Listings)

This is especially true for those looking for a house for sale in Bangkok in a compound or gated community. As a result, most single houses are built in secondary prime locations such as Ratchada, Rama 9, Town in Town, Pattanakarn or further down the Sukhumvit area. In exchange for being in a secondary location, buyers will get the luxury of a larger space, and even those houses for sale in the downtown area are less than 30 minutes away from major amenities like large shopping malls, schools, and hospitals. (View House Listings)

In terms of price, if the average price of luxury condominiums for sale in Bangkok today is approximately THB 330,000 per square meter in a prime location, buyers could get a better price per square meter by buying a luxury downtown house in a secondary location starting approximately THB 120,000 per square meter. Condominiums, however, remain a popular choice among non-Thais as Thai law prohibits foreigners from owning land title deeds.

Apart from the expanded space, the owner of a house for sale in Bangkok has the flexibility to design their own home and be able to keep pets as well as expand new usable area upon the original land. However, do take note that most single houses are not built in prime locations; therefore, buyers are recommended to have some form of personal transportation.

Another factor to consider is the difference in facilities. Due to limited space, many housing developments in prime locations may lack the full breadth of facilities but make up for them in terms of quick access to the metropolitan-living. While many single housing projects will include at least a private or common swimming pool and fitness gym that residents can share.

For those who prefer single houses for sale in Bangkok that are not located in gated compounds, it is necessary to review the level of security of the area. Extra steps should be taken to install CCTV cameras or hire a live-in housekeeper or security guard.

In conclusion, there are many points to consider before buying a house for sale in Bangkok, and the pros and cons above are only some of the highlights. Buyers are highly recommended to consult with their real estate agents to determine which style of housing is best for their unique criteria of needs.

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