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How to Design an Office to Satisfy the Needs of People in an Organization

September 8, 2022
CBRE has prepared a checklist of items you should think about when designing the office to ensure it is appropriate, worth the budget and able to satisfy the needs of your employees.
Image | CBRE

What you should know before designing an office to satisfy the needs of people in an organization

Working in a beautiful, smart and modern office will significantly benefit an organization and its employees, including strengthen the organization’s positive image and enhance the overall look and trust among customers, the public and employees. In addition, it helps build a pleasant working atmosphere for everyone.

Even though the office looks beautiful, it does not guarantee the happiness of employees, which could reduce work efficiency or increase their stress levels if the design of the office does not support their requirements. There are many office interior design principles and trends that should be considered. CBRE has prepared a checklist of items you should think about when designing the office to ensure it is appropriate, worth the budget and able to satisfy the needs of your employees.

Checklist for office interior design to enhance work efficiency

1. Design flexible workspace: Today, many organizations focus on interior designs that allow all areas to be adjustable, either for working or holding activities and all other functions. For example, using furniture that can be moved conveniently, creating multifunction space and providing options for employees to move to various areas to meet their work requirements.

2. Build collaborative space: Provide common areas for collaborative work to facilitate the exchange of ideas, either in small groups or large teams. On top of creating a good idea-sharing atmosphere, such areas will also enhance efficiency and give employees the freedom to think, ultimately driving growth and enabling the organization to develop new initiatives.

3. Add areas for rest or activities: Many new organizations apply flexible zoning and provide rest areas for employees to relax and become more energized and happier at work. In addition, providing these will encourage employees to know each other more. This is an office interior design trend on which many leading global companies, including Google and Microsoft, focus.

4. Add open workspace with more natural light: Adding open workspace that connects all departments will facilitate coordination. It also increases each employee’s personal space without feeling distant from others when communication is needed.

5. Survey the needs of people in the organization: It is always important to ensure everyone’s voice in the organization is heard. As an entrepreneur, CBRE would like to suggest that you conduct surveys and listen to your people before designing and decorating your office to find out their needs for types of workspace. This is essential because they are the ones who actually use the areas in the office and where they spend many hours of their day. An office centered around your people will create a positive work environment and will not only enhance efficiency, but also improve emotional health, focus and concentration as well as increase happiness of your employees.

If you are looking for an office for rent or sale in the city center, CBRE has a wide variety of options on various locations that offer convenience and easy access. CBRE is a leading real estate service provider, which provides services to oversee all aspects of an office interior design project in accordance with international standards. You can find more information on our website or contact CBRE.

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