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Introductory Guide to Buying Villas and Resorts in Phuket

July 29, 2022
One can buy a villa in Phuket comparable to one in Florida or Italy for a fraction of the cost. This makes buying a Phuket villa a wise decision in terms of lifestyle and from an investment perspective.
Image | CBRE

Located in the Andaman Sea in the southwest of Thailand, Phuket is the very definition of a paradise tropical island and one of the world’s leading locations for people to buy villas and resorts.

Nature lovers will adore the island’s mountainous terrain blanketed in verdant rainforest and the powdery sands of its countless beaches. Cultural aficionados will delight in Phuket’s fascinating melting pot of religious cultures and the stunning Sino-Portuguese shophouses of its historical old town, many of which now operate as hip boutiques, artisanal cafes, wine shops, as well as restaurants and bars catering to all tastes.

For night owls, Phuket is arguably one of the most compelling tourist destinations on earth, where one can go from chic nightclub to bustling Irish pub to tiki beach bar within the space of a few minutes. And as if that weren’t enough, the shopping, golf courses, sports centers, spas, medical centers, and international schools compete with those of anywhere in the world.

If it sounds like Phuket has it all, this is reflected in the quality of real estate available on the island, and the type of real estate that best characterizes Phuket is perhaps the beach villa. The island’s infrastructure, world-class amenities, easily accessible international airport and various elite-level leisure facilities mean that one can buy a villa in Phuket comparable to one in Florida or Italy for a fraction of the cost. This makes buying a Phuket villa a wise decision both in terms of lifestyle as well as from an investment perspective.

What is a Beach Villa Anyway?

In the context of the Thai real estate market, “villa” refers to a residential property, often with one or two stories, built on private land. In Phuket, such villas are often located in gated developments or even luxury resorts. It’s important to note that most Phuket villas for sale are offered on both a freehold and leasehold basis, depending on the structure an investor chooses in terms of ownership.

Thai law prohibits foreigners from owning land, but they can own actual buildings (e.g., a villa), and one way to approach ownership might be via a series of 30-year renewable leases. Another option for foreigners when it comes to buying Phuket villas and owning land involves acquisition by a Thai company, but be aware that this kind of ownership structure requires that a legal advisor be present to guide the buyer through the process. Of course, there are no such restrictions in place for Thai buyers.

Features of Phuket Beach Villas

The most sought-after Phuket beach villas are located on the beachfront and come with breathtaking ocean views. Such properties are in high demand and have price tags to match. Other Phuket villas for sale may be situated on hillsides or within a short distance of the beach. There is also a growing number of villa developments further inland, most notably in Cherngtalay Sub-district near the Laguna area, Bangtao and Layan beaches.

Phuket beach villa properties offer features commensurate with their price, but it is common for many of them to have impressive views, substantial living space both inside and out, and be built to a high standard with a well-managed common area. Whenever people think of a Phuket beach villa it’s likely that they imagine something with a swimming pool, and Phuket arguably offers the most comprehensive range of pool villas for sale in the region.

Branded Residences for Sale in Phuket

Branded residences are partnerships between well-known hotel chains and property developers. Such projects not only establish a positive connection between the villa and a well-known, respected hotel brand (highly beneficial in terms of long-term investment value), the hotel brands also bring vast experience to the table when it comes to the various duties and responsibilities of property maintenance: regular upkeep, 24-hour security, trained housekeepers, concierge services, managed rentals, and so on.

Additionally, many branded residences for sale in Phuket offer buyers access to their hotels’ amenities and services around the world, meaning someone who lives in a branded residence in Phuket can take advantage of their residence’s connection to the hotel brand whether they are on a business trip in Tokyo or a shopping spree in London.

These projects are increasingly popular because investors desire reliable rental management programs and this is something that branded residences for sale in Phuket can offer. An association with an established and respected hotel brand also offers greater security to buyers, as many developments offer guaranteed returns.

Moreover, with Phuket being one of the most beautiful and popular tourist destinations on the planet, there is the added attraction for investors of owning a little bit of paradise without any of the hassle that might come with smaller, independent villa developments. Beyond all that, owners can rest easy when they are outside the country, safe in the knowledge that their property is being well taken care of.

All of these factors, plus Phuket’s enduring popularity as a global travel destination and its highly developed tourism infrastructure, mean buying a villa in Phuket can be a very wise decision. (More info. about investment in resort properties managed by hotel brands)

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