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Discover Bangkok's Co-Working Spaces: Locations & Benefits

August 18, 2023
Many remote workers based at home find it difficult to access the resources they need to work effectively. For these cases and many others, renting a co-working space in Bangkok is an option which should be considered.
Image | CBRE

Co-working Space for Rent in Bangkok

In Bangkok, numerous businesses face the reality that purchasing or renting an office space in the central business district (CBD) is often financially unfeasible, especially during the startup stages. Similarly, remote workers who operate from home encounter challenges in accessing the necessary resources to work efficiently without a conventional, fully equipped office environment. In such circumstances, it is crucial to seriously consider the advantages of renting a co-working space in Bangkok.

Choose The Perfect Area For Your Co-working Space

CBRE presents a variety of co-working spaces in Bangkok that are readily available for immediate occupancy. Strategically situated throughout the city, including the bustling CBD area, these options provide the flexibility to select a space that best suits your needs, your team, or your business. Here are some noteworthy location choices:

  • Silom - Sathon

Renowned as one of Bangkok's key business districts, Silom - Sathon is home to several highly sought-after co-working spaces. These establishments, representing both international and local brands, thrive amidst the district's vibrant atmosphere. Surrounded by the expansive greenery of Lumpini Park, these areas have long been synonymous with the city's bustling financial and commercial activities, which have continued to flourish over time.

  • Sukhumvit

In recent years, several areas along Sukhumvit Road, namely Asoke, Thonglor, and Ekkamai, have blossomed into vibrant business districts. These districts boast modern infrastructures, seamless connectivity to BTS stations, and a diverse array of co-working spaces in Bangkok. Asoke, recognized as a central business district, accommodates businesses from various industries, alongside renowned hotels and department stores. Thonglor, known for its hip and trendy ambiance, offers an abundance of restaurants, cafes and upscale bars, making it a popular choice among foreigners, young professionals, and remote workers. Ekkamai, another trendy neighborhood, provides convenient access to Thailand's Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

  • Rama 9

The Rama 9, also known as Ratchadapisek area in Bangkok is emerging as a promising business district located north of Asoke. It offers an attractive proposition to newer companies, particularly in the tech, e-commerce, and finance sectors. With competitive prices and a collection of new, state-of-the-art skyscrapers lining a road conveniently dotted with MRT stations, this area holds immense appeal for businesses seeking a strategic location.

CBRE provides a comprehensive selection of co-working spaces across Bangkok, encompassing all these major business districts. With our offerings, you can easily discover the ideal space that perfectly aligns with your requirements and preferences.

The Benefits of Renting a Co-working Space in Bangkok

Renting a co-working space in Bangkok offers numerous advantages when searching for an office. One of the key benefits is the seamless, all-in-one solution it provides, eliminating the complexities associated with operating a business. Co-working spaces offer a fully equipped environment with supportive features, relieving the burden of building management, fit-out expenses, and ongoing maintenance.

Beyond streamlined space management, co-working spaces foster a collaborative ecosystem that transcends business size and industry. This productive synergy enables businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive within a working community, even with a limited workforce. It facilitates the exchange of ideas, resources, and business opportunities, fostering an environment of constant growth. Many co-working spaces in Bangkok further enhance these connections by organizing networking events to facilitate meaningful interactions among tenants.

Facilities and Services Offered at Co-working Spaces in Bangkok

Co-working spaces in Bangkok provide a wide range of facilities and amenities to their tenants. These can vary based on the space, so it is essential to know your needs when considering renting. Below are some of the features that should be taken into account.

  • Consider Your Office Type

Co-working spaces can be rented with more flexible terms and conditions. The traditional option is to rent a private office that belongs only to your company, which can be used for work or even as storage. Another option offered by many co-working spaces is what is known as hot-desk rental, in which desk areas can be designated or used on a rotational basis daily, monthly, or even annually, 24/7.

  • Basic Office Functions

Any co-working space will have the functionality of a typical basic office space. This includes regular cleaning services, high speed Wi-Fi, mail services, phones, printing and scanning, and an onsite office staff to help you best administer your business.

  • Facilities

Co-working spaces in Bangkok offer an array of facility benefits designed to enhance your working experience. A common area is typically available, providing an excellent space for work, networking, or informal meetings. Additional amenities often include phone booths for private conversations, dedicated meeting rooms, and even specialized areas like nap rooms, mothers’ rooms, and prayer rooms. Depending on the specific co-working space, these facilities may be accessible through reservations and could be subject to rental fees.

Moreover, some co-working spaces feature convenient onsite cafes with grab-and-go options, ensuring tenants have access to coffee and snacks that fuel their creativity throughout the day. These thoughtful provisions contribute to an enriched and productive work environment, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of professionals in Bangkok's coworking community.


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