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Riverside Condominium in Bangkok : The Growth Factors

February 16, 2022
A riverside location is one of the most prized and increasingly rare properties in Bangkok. This means that investing in a riverside condo in Bangkok can add a lot to your investment portfolio by continuing to increase in value.
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Invest in a Luxurious Riverside Condo for Sale in Bangkok

Riverside Condominium, One-of-a-Kind Living

A riverside location is one of the most prized and increasingly rare properties in Bangkok. This means that investing in a riverside condo in Bangkok can add a lot to your investment portfolio by continuing to increase in value.

Like all thriving major cities of the world, Bangkok has transformed much since its birth in the fifteenth century. Shaping the city’s economic, political, cultural and social history, the Chao Phraya River has always been and will always be the bloodline of the city, which has expanded far beyond the river’s banks. The river has provided all that is required to live, and has driven and brought prosperity to Thailand. Today, the riverbank’s landscape and way of life has also grown vertically with soaring development projects, from retail and commercial buildings, to hotels and riverside condos in Bangkok.

Riverside Condo for Sale Listings

The Growth Factors:

  1. Scarcity : Limited Supply against Consistent

    DemandOf all Bangkok’s prime residential locations, we can say that riverside locations are the most limited in supply with regards to the number and size of land plots available for development. We are talking about those land plots which are located along the riverbank with no other construction obstructing the river views. The Chao Phraya River is 372 kilometers long. But the prime riverside locations in Bangkok, suitable for luxury riverside condominium for sale developments, are merely those areas along the Charoenkrung, Charoennakorn, and Rama III Riverside as they are located closest to the Central Business District (CBD) with easy access to transportation to other parts of the city.

  2. Prestige : The Address Reflects Who You Are

    The riverside lifestyle in many great cities like those along the Thames, the Seine, the Danube, the Hudson, for example, are famously known as the top-of-their-class with beautiful scenic landmarks, historical sites, and remarkable tourist attractions. The most luxurious hotels, finest restaurants, and many “best-known” places are located on riverbanks, making riverside living the ultimate dream for many people. However, with limited supply and prestige, prices of riverside condos in Bangkok are normally higher than those in other locations. This has created a market for branded riverside condos in Bangkok managed by world-class hotel brands, which have become more popular as elite collections.

  3. Convenience : Everything within Easy Reach

    In addition to the richness in cultural atmosphere, living along the riverbanks provides the highest convenience of lifestyle as it is also replete with modern amenities, luxuriance and all kinds of transportation modes. Located within easy reach of the city’s CBD, residents of riverside condos in Bangkok find it easiest to commute by car, ferry and BTS. With the recent opening of the grand shopping mall and the city’s new landmark, the ICONSIAM, transportation by river has become more popular with the traffic well managed and connected to all modes of transportation. Moreover, residents also find it most convenient with access to all kinds of shops, restaurants, entertainment and hospitality services.

  4. Health & Wellness : Physical and Mental Vitality

    The health benefits of living close to water are widely recognized. Living by the water has a positive impact on mental health and well-being. Open views and good quality air help reduce stress, boost a sense of calm and improve wellness. Living in a riverside condo in Bangkok somehow encourages us to pay more attention to the views on our doorstep and the immediate surroundings. It also encourages outdoor activities and exercise to keep us mentally as well as physically healthy, which is vital in an urban environment where working hours are often long. In a city as frenetic and fast-paced as Bangkok, taking more time to see the area, appreciating life, and enjoying the ability to live at a slower pace is a good thing. Busy people desire to find somewhere inspiring to return home to after a long day.

  5. Lifetime Investment : Long-term Capital Appreciation

    Investment in Bangkok’s riverside areas has high demand and continues to be profitable. Not only has there been considerable investment in residential development, but the regeneration of Bangkok’s riverside also extends to the new public developments–such as the new BTS extension, luxurious hotels, shops, attractions and restaurants–all waiting to make the most of their riverside location. There was a time when Bangkok’s riverside condos were priced lower than other popular locations, such as Sukhumvit and the Central Business District, due to fewer public transportation options and amenities at that time. With a limited supply of development land along the river together with popularity of the billion-dollar views, cultural richness, and scarcity of riverside locations, prices of luxury riverside condominiums for sale have appreciated at an average of 10%-12% per annum over the past five years. Now, prices have matched projects of similar grade in CBD locations and continue to appreciate further.

With the uniqueness and specialty of riverside living–from rarity, pride of ownership, strategic location, ease of transportation, good environment, health advantages, and value appreciation–a riverside condominium could be the answer for those who seek a ‘perfect’ home in which to stay or to invest. Once you’ve tasted riverside living, you will love it for life.

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