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Industrial Estates Parks & Zones

December 1, 2022
Zoning of Industrial Estate Parks and Zones in Thailand: Zone 1 comprises Bangkok, Pathumthaini, Samut Prakarn; Zone 2 comprises Saraburi, Chachoengsao, Rayong, Chonburi, Ayutthaya; Zone 3 comprises Nakornratchasima and Prachinburi.
Image | CBRE

Industrial estates, parks and zones are designated areas for Industrial users, particularly manufacturing, and are usually the go-to locations for anyone seeking a factory for sale or rent in Thailand. Thailand currently has over 60 industrial estates. Such industrial areas are developed for the express purpose of industrial development, meaning that factories located there have access to essential infrastructure such as transport links, large-volume water supply, ports, gas lines, industrial-level electrical supply, and high-end communications cables.

Developing an industrial estate, park or zone can take a considerable amount of time. The first step for a private developer is to acquire large tracts of land. Next comes the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); this stage in the process examines what kind of effects such projects might have on the environment.

After that comes industrial zoning and the installation of infrastructure, such as roads, drainage, and wastewater systems. The developer then splits the area into individual title deeds and sells these parcels of land to interested buyers. These buyers are normally manufacturers planning to build a facility to produce their own goods. Most of the newer industrial estates, parks and zones are developed by non-governmental private sector players such as WHA Group, Amata Corporation, Rojana Industrial Park, Nava Nakorn Industrial Zone and TFD.

After the land has been sold, the developer manages the industrial estate, park or zone going forward. If this is done jointly with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand, the area can be called an ‘estate’. If it is managed solely by the developer, it will be a ‘park’ or ‘zone’.

Of course, location plays an important role as to where an industrial estate, park, or zone is developed. Bangkok urban planning regulations tend to discourage the establishment of such areas in the city, meaning most major estates and parks are found on the outskirts. Bang Chan Industrial Estate and Lat Krabang Industrial Estate are two such examples in the east of Bangkok.

Many industrial areas are located on the eastern seaboard as they have excellent access to transport infrastructure. In addition to having easy access to Suvarnabhumi International Airport and excellent road and rail links, Thailand's two main seaports are located here: Laem Chabang, the country’s main container port, and Map Ta Phut, its primary bulk and liquids cargo port. Industrial estates in this region include WHA Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate, Amata Rayong Industrial Estate, Pinthong Industrial Estate 1-5, Rojana Laem Chabang Industrial Estate and CPCG Industrial Estate.

Another industrial hotspot is in the provinces of Pathum Thani and Ayutthaya, just north of Bangkok. This area constitutes the heart of Thailand’s electronics manufacturing, and industrial estates here include Bang Pa-In Industrial Estate, Rojana Industrial Park, Nava Nakorn Industrial Zone, and Hi-Tech Industrial Estate. (Read more Thailand industrial factory and warehouse locations

If you’d like further details on how to find the right factory for sale or rent, feel free to contact CBRE.

Zone 1
Bangchan I/E
Gemopolis I/E
Lard Krabang I/E
Bangkadi I/P
Navanakorn I/Z
Samut Prakarn
Bangplee I/E
Bangpoo I/E
Zone 2
Nongkhae I/E
Saraburi I/E
SIL I/Land I/E
304 I/P 2
Gateway City
Wellgrow I/E
Amata City I/E
Eastern I/E
Eastern Seaboard I/E
Hemaraj Eastern Seaboard I/E
Rayong I/Land
Rojana I/P
Siam Eastern I/P
Amata Nakorn I/E
Hemaraj Chonburi I/E
Laem Chabang I/E
Pinthong I/E
Amata Nakorn I/E
Bangpa-in I/E
Hi-Tech I/E
Rojana I/P
Saha Ratana Nakorn I/
Zone 3
Navanakorn I/E
304 I/P 2
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